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Be a Certified Quality Shopper for Fresher Food!

Test Food Quality |  Identify Food Fraud  |  Find Quality Foods |  Be Part of the Solution

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Are You a Foodie or Endurance Trainer Who Wants Better Quality Food?

CQ Foods, Inc. is looking for highly motivated food lovers in the Boston & New York area that embrace the latest technologies!

  • Certified Quality Shoppers will test seafood and food from local Boston or New York area retailers using the Certified Quality Reader (CQR) and the CertiFresh Food App.

  • We ask Shoppers to test at least two fresh products every week. 

  • Food quality data results will automatically update the CertiFresh Food mobile app for everyone to see.

  • Everyone can see who sells the best quality food in Boston or New York by using the CertiFresh Food App.

  • Help people find high-quality, fresh food in your city.

  • Help identify food fraud from soaked or water-added products. 

  • Certified Quality Shoppers get a CQR and CertiFresh Food app FREE for testing, an $840 value.

  • Be part of the solution!

  • Give the power back to grocery shoppers to help improve area retailer food freshness!

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