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Certified Quality Foods 3.0 CQR Perishable Detection Tool

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Low-cost, tech device/platform brings groundbreaking innovation to retailers, distributors, and consumers.

DALLAS, TX — Certified Quality Foods, a leader in measuring and quantifying food quality through biometric technology, has debuted its latest perishable detection tool: The Certified Quality Reader 3.0 (CQR 3.0). The announcement was made by Dana Bartholomew, CQ Foods EVP/Business Development.

CQ Food’s small hand-held device and digital platform utilize an electric current to instantaneously and inexpensively determine changes in the cellular properties of food and objectively measure the quality of perishables in terms of freshness, shelf-life, and safety for consumption. This includes fresh seafood, poultry, pork, and fruits and vegetables.

For retailers and distributors the new CQR 3.0 mobile device, platform, and business intelligence dashboard are available for a service fee starting at $35 per month. Consumers may purchase the device and technology for $60.

“This is a game changing moment for the perishables industry and for grocery shoppers alike,” said Bartholomew. “In a current marketplace where up to 20% of all seafood is thrown away, the CQR 3.0 system allows retail stores and distributors to gain market insights and low-cost solutions to improve quality, reduce waste, save money, and provide better products for their customers. At the same time, grocery shoppers have a new tool for ensuring food freshness ”

CQ Foods is starting to engage with Retailers and Distributors worldwide, and with Consumers in regional U.S. pilot testing, with all programs focused on providing the highest quality products.


The program works at the distribution level to measure and benchmark inbound products from suppliers to improve their standards. In early system beta-testing, 20% improvements in inbound quality at the distributor are already being realized.


CQ Foods is also working with stores at the retail level to reduce food waste, where up to 20% of fresh seafood is wasted, and up to 40% of all perishables are thrown away from farmer to consumer.


CQ Foods has also initiated a beta program in which consumers have their own devices and can measure their perishable food products from stores. These measurements are then available in a “Store Finder” map showing which stores have quality score results and how they compare to other stores in their area.

CQ Foods is looking to expand its consumer pilot program in the 2nd and 3rd quarters this year in major metropolitan areas nationwide.


CQ Foods Inc. (dba Seafood Analytics) is a Dallas, Texas-based S-Corp. with offices in Juneau, Alaska, Corpus Christi, Texas, Detroit, Michigan, and Boston, Massachusetts. CQ Foods, Inc. manufactures and markets an innovative handheld food-tech Data-Analytics-as-a-Service ("DAaaS“) platform. The new Certified Quality Reader 3.0 (“CQR”), Apple iOS and Android App and cloud BI database/dashboard provide a non-invasive, objective cellular quality measurement of numerous perishable foods. The CQF platform is an app and cloud-based, real-time reporting dashboard that allows users to quickly and easily determine accurate quality, health, and body composition of different proteins, including seafood, poultry, meat, and other perishable food products. For more information, visit:

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