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Quality or Price, What do Consumers Care About Most?

Per the 2022 FMI Power of Produce Report, 25% of produce shoppers ranked price as the number one factor in purchasing fresh produce, followed by: 19% Appearance, 19% Health benefits, and 15% Ripeness. These statistics represent a change, as appearance and ripeness have usually been the top concern for shoppers.

The recent Power of Seafood reports indicates that seafood shoppers consistently rank quality as the most critical factor when buying seafood. In 2021, FMI asked seafood consumers what they wanted to learn more about: know the quality 81%; cook, prepare, or flavor 75%; nutritional benefits 74%; seafood sustainability 71%; and how to buy 67%.

What do you think the 2022 FMI Power of Seafood Report reveals?

Will quality still be the top concern for seafood shoppers, or will price or another factor rise to number one?

Source: Food Marketing Institute (FMI)

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